Mom Was Shocked When Policemen Appeared On The Front Porch, Then Discovered They Actually Came To Her 11-Year-Old Son…


Last week two police officers met a kid named Jarrell when stopped to play PIG game with local kids at Judy Johnson Park.

Master Cpl. Lorne Peterson and Sr. Cpl. Robert Steele said the boy immediately stood out.

When the city light turned on, Jarrell said it was time for him to leave, ’cause his mom is strict about coming home late.

“She tells me there’s bad people out there,” Jarrell said. “She trusts me but she doesn’t trust the bad people.”

One of the officers then called the mom and asked her whether the biy could stay for a bit and promised to walk him home aftrewards.

After the game, the servicemen discovered Jarred’s birthday was around the corner. So, they thought they should come up with something special for him.

“We felt we needed to do something special for this kid,” Peterson said. “Not just get him a basketball, just do something a little special for this.”

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