Mom Walks into Restaurant and Drops Phone, Writhing in Pain. Looks Down and Sees Fang Marks


It was supposed to be a fun evening with family and friends. However, what should have been a nice dinner changed one woman’s life in an instant.

Rachel Myrick walked into a LongHorn Steakhouse looking forward to a good meal. Unfortunately, she got more than she anticipated.

Walking into the restaurant foyer, Myrick felt something sharp stab her in the foot. The September weather was still quite warm for the season, and Myrick was wearing sandals.

The pain was so intense that she immediately dropped everything she was holding. Her cell phone and wallet fell to the ground.


Thinking she got stung by a bee, she reached down to grab her foot. That’s when she felt something wriggling beneath her toes.

It was a copperhead snake, which, due to its small size, had somehow made its way into the restaurant. The 8-inch-long snake, native to the area, had bitten her three times in a matter of seconds.

The pain was excruciating, and all Myrick could do was scream. “I got bit, I got bit!” she yelled.

Her son and boyfriend immediately stomped on the culprit, making sure to keep the remains safe for later identification. They then called 911 and waited for the rescue squad to arrive.

Once at the hospital, doctors closely monitored her situation as her foot discolored and began to swell. It was not long before the swelling traveled up her leg and soon reached her hip.

Doctors administered antivenin and pain medication. Thankfully, a bite from a copperhead snake is painful but not fatal, so the traumatizing situation could have been worse.

The worst may be over, but Myrick still has a long road ahead of her, as doctors estimate her recovery will take about three months. Meanwhile, the restaurant has taken steps to ensure this awful situation never reoccurs.

Today, Myrick is trying to cope with her recovery. “It’s painful just to ride in the car. There’s very little that I can do. I can’t work. I can’t take my kids anywhere. Even phone calls are very difficult because I’m medicated. I can chat, but I can’t negotiate a contract on someone’s behalf,” she told The Free Lance-Star.

This is one snake that sure knew how to ruin a good time! What are some of your crazy wildlife stories?