Mom Takes Her Baby To Daycare, Then Goes To Work. Hours Later, The Daycare Calls And Tells Her To Rush Over To Talk To CPS


The mom had no idea what was going on.

A mom from Montana is fuming after a daycare worker called Child Protective Services on her after noticing a “bruise” on her baby’s chest.

On Tuesday, proud mom and fitness trainer Tamara O’Haire got a call from Roots Nature School urging her to rush over and have a chat with CPS officials.

According to O’Haire’s post on Facebook, she and her husband had been suspected of child abuse after a daycare employee saw a bruise on her 9-month-old baby boy’s chest.

The only problem? It wasn’t a bruise. It was a birthmark!

After the horrific experience her son Zane had at the daycare center, O’Haire took to Facebook, where she slammed Roots Nature School for immediately assuming she had beaten her child:

“I’m not typically one to leave a bad comment or review … Heck I feel like I’m the queen of positivity, but you crossed the line. On Zanes second day in your care, you called Preston and I in to CPS for what you called a «bruise» or a «rash» which you later told ME and somehow FAILED to mention to CPS …. which was ACTUALLY his BIRTHMARK! You didn’t even ATTEMPT to contact either of us to ask what it was first, you went strait to the state assuming we are beating our child??? And as a parent who’s whole world revolves around her son …. That is the biggest INSULT. It took EVERY ounce of trust I had to leave him with you Monday morning because I am an overprotective mamma. But I TRUSTED you and I did because I thought I could trust you to care for my child AND communicate with us as parents (as stated in your HANDBOOK!) I understand that you are an advocate for children, but really, the second day? And for a birthmark that IF you had just called, I could have answered your question???”

Although O’Haire has since pulled her son from the daycare for good, she hopes her story can show others not to jump to conclusions so quickly in the future.


Surprisingly enough, on her own Facebook page, Roots Director and Lead Teacher Aysha Carter stood by her decision to call CPS.

«If I had to redo it, I would have done the same thing,» she wrote.