Mom Passes Down Vintage Wedding Dress From 1986, Then Daughter Reveals Its Transformation


When Caroline got engaged, her mom Shannon went searching for the wedding dress she herself wore decades ago. She thought it would be so wonderful if Caroline wore the dress on her own special day.

But when Shannon finally opened the box containing her priceless gown, she made a shocking realization. Her gown had been switched with someone else’s!

The story of the wedding dress mix-up went viral, and luckily Shannon was able to track down her old wedding dress and swap it with the woman who had hers all along.

After hearing the story, Rachael Ray decided to have Shannon and Caroline onto her show, but the reason was twofold. Not only did Rachael want to display both gowns involved in the big mix-up, but she also wanted to help Caroline update the vintage piece into the dress of Caroline’s dreams.

Rachael’s stylist team worked closely with Caroline to transform the outdated parts of the dress, while preserving the vintage elements that Caroline loved so much.

Shannon was so anxious to see Caroline walk out on stage wearing her beloved dress. Watch the video below to see the garment’s amazing transformation.

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