Mom is ashamed after restaurant manager makes rude comment while she breastfeeds in public


Breastfeeding has become a very tricky topic and while there are always going to be people who fall on both sides of the debate, one thing is for sure: this discussion is not going anywhere anytime soon. A mother should be able to feed her child in a natural manner without having to worry about being shamed, but there are still some neanderthals who cannot help but complain about something that doesn’t even affect them.

Elizabeth Herzog found herself at the center of this debate recently. She is the mother of a five month old baby and like many mothers in her situation, she breastfeeds her little one whenever the child is hungry. This is not done to make any sort of grand statement or state some opinion that other people will not like. When her child requires nourishment, she feeds her and this is her only concern.

Since her child was born two months premature, Elizabeth realizes how lucky she is to still have her little one with her. While the adorable child appears to be doing just fine, the little girl still has yet to achieve the proper weight for an infant of her age. Because of this weight discrepancy, Elizabeth feeds the child at every possible opportunity.

While this would seem reasonable to most of us, a recent meal at a local Red Robin went horribly awry when Elizabeth chose to feed little Georgia in public. Elizabeth was asked to cover up by the restaurant manager and she left the establishment immediately…but not before reminding this rude manager about the Iowa law that protects mothers in her position.


The story gained national traction and employees at this Red Robin franchise are now being re-educated on the laws, so that future incidents like this one can be avoided. Any mother who needs to feed their little one will now be able to in this restaurant. Breastfeeding mothers are now receiving the support they need and even Pope Francis has spoken openly about allowing these mothers to breastfeed wherever they need to.

If the pope has a non judgmental attitude about such things, then who the heck is anyone else to have a problem with it? This is a story that will certainly lead to some interesting debate and while you already know where we stand on this matter, it is time to open things up the floor, so be sure to pass this video along to your friends and loved ones.