Mom Gives Birth To Twins. Two Weeks Later, She Noticed Something


Giving birth to twins can be one of the most surprising stages of motherhood. But Hannah Yarker and Kyle Armstrong got more than what they hoped for. They are now proud parents to twin girls who turn heads wherever they go. No because they’re cute, but because they are nowhere near identical.

The couple related that it started out as a joke. During her pregnancy, Hannah talked about the odds of having biracial twins, considering her partner’s mixed race. Their family even said, “Imagine if we got one of each.” And amazing enough, the odds really are in the couple’s favor.
Hannah and Kyle cannot contain their happiness when they learned that they are expecting twins. However, little did they know that they are in for something bigger, a one-in-a-million experience.


When Hannah finally gave birth to the girls, they looked normal and identical. Nobody expected that they will soon look different from each other.

Two weeks after the pregnancy, Hannah and Kyle began to take notice of the difference — the color of the girls’ skin.


The couple concluded that the twins are not identical at all. Myla turned to be dark-skinned, who takes after their mixed-race dad Kyle Armstrong. On the other hand, Anaya inherited their mom’s white complexion, as well as fair hair and light eyes.


Because of this rare occurrence, Hannah says that she gets a lot of questions regarding the twins. People cannot help but ask, “Are they both yours? Are they sisters? Are they related?”

The couple is lucky enough to have twins who take after each parent. Proud mom Hannah says, “We can’t believe they’re twins, they’ve got the same birthday, same mum and dad and they’re just complete opposites in every way.“

Twins like Myla and Anaya who are not identical came from separate eggs and developed in separate sacs inside the womb. For sure, when they grow up, there’s going to be a lot of explaining to do when people learn that they are twins but they look entirely different. Nevertheless, the family surely loves the twins regardless of their differences.