Mom Comes To Soldier Son’s Grave And Sees An Unfamiliar Boy Drawing On His Gravestone


Leslie Butler’s son, TJ, was a soldier and fell fighting for his country. His death was an irreparable loss for his mother who still visits his grave very often to feel his presence. One day, the woman came to the cemetery to visit her late son but was very surprised by one thing. She saw a bright drawing on his gravestone and started wondering who had done that.

The next time she was visiting the grave, she saw a little boy with his mother leaving a flag for her son. That’s how she met Mason Lee, 7, and his mom, Sarah. She also learned that the Lees had a tradition to put flags on headstones on Memorial Day. But it was TJ’s grave that really caught the child’s attention. For some reason, Mason started questioning his mom about the soldier who was buried there. He was wondering if he was someone’s son or someone’s daddy. Sarah supposed he probably had had a family and was greatly missed. Then, the little boy said he wanted to do something special for the fallen soldier – to draw an American Flag and a shield, the one just like Captain America’s.

Leslie Butler was deeply moved by what the kind child did for her son whom he didn’t even know. The woman bought a Captain America toy and brought it to Mason.
Learn more about this compassionate boy and his beautiful act in the video below.