Man Tries To Steal Money From A Helpless 9-Year-Old. But This Rescue Team Is Ready To Defend Her!


Two sisters had a walk in the park when a man approached them. He was tall and strong, while the sisters were small and tiny. Maya was 16, while Natasha was just 9. The man threatened to kill them if they didn’t give him their money, jewelry, and mobile phones.

He even grabbed the younger sister by the hood, and she began screaming and crying. Unfortunately, no one could see or hear them, and the girls were pretty much helpless. Maya kicked him with her bag, but the man pushed her away, and she fell on the ground.


That’s when a pack of dogs ran up to them out of nowhere! The canines were barking and roaring. They obviously threatened the man, and one of them even bit him on his leg!

The robber ran away, shocked at what just happened. He’d never expected this was coming. He didn’t know that the girls were supporting stray dogs, bringing them food from now and then. He got what he deserved!