Man Shows Off Huge Carp He Reeled In — But The Fish Is Planning His Emergency Escape



Many of us have heard of someone having a never-say-die attitude. This type of person exhibits a rare resiliency and fortitude that allows them to triumph over the toughest obstacles and challenges. Somehow, they always come out on the winning side of things.

In the video below, you’re about to meet one of these individuals. Well, it’s a carp — one with the never-say-die attitude necessary to escape even the murkiest situation!

In the video, a group of fisherman have just made one heck of a catch. The man lifts up the fish, revealing it to be a massive carp.

Now, at this point, I’m sure the man thinks he’s made a great catch. He’ll take a picture with the fish and go about his day.

The carp, however, has other plans — plans to make one epic escape!

The man then tries to lay the carp on the ground, possibly for him and his friends to admire.

That’s when the carp makes his move!

Just as the man touches the fish down, the fish begins to thrash and flip, so much so that he propels himself back toward the water. Towards his freedom!

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