Man Sells His Beloved 1973 Porsche To Pay For Wedding. 24 Years Later His Stepdaughter Tells Him To Look What’s In The Yard


When Dave was young, he really loved his car, a 1973 Porsche 914 2.0L. For several years, he had been spending money to restore it, but instead, he spent the savings on his wedding. Dave’s wife had a daughter, Kristin Russell, and the man developed a special bond with her.

Kristin says her first memories are playing Barbies with Dave and listening to his stories. She remembers her stepfather never missed any of her karate tournaments and softball games. She also says he made a lot of good things for his family and has always been a loving husband and father.

24 years passed after Dave sold his treasured Porsche, but he would occasionally recall his car and share his memories with the family. Kristin would always be moved by those stories, and she also remembered why he gave up the car. She wanted to show her stepdad how much she appreciates everything he has done for their family and decided to find him a 1973 Porche 914 2.0L.“I think it would mean a lot to him and really drive home how grateful I am to have grown up with him in my life,” she said.

When she finally found the right car, she traveled 700 miles, all the way from California to Arizona, to pick it up and paid for it with the money she earned overseas as a U.S Air Force captain.

“With help, I’ve spent the last 2 years figuring out how to get him an identical one,” Kristin says. “Found one in AZ. I live in CA. Had it transported to a mechanic near my parents [in Pennsylvania]. After some mechanical work, time to take it home!”

The car was ready just in time for Father’s Day. When Dave went outside to see what was making noise, he saw his 1973 Porche 914 2.0L. The man’s reaction cannot be described with words! You can see it in the heartwarming footage below.