Man Left Red-Faced After Flaunting His Muscles In Front Of The Wrong Woman


Trying to impress the object of our fancy all too often ends in tears. Why? Because we suddenly lose all rational thinking and begin to turn instinctively primal. If you need proof of this, then let this video serve it to you on a deliciously hot, steaming plate of evidence…

During a football game at the Philadelphia Soul arena, the ‘Flex-Cam’ came out to play. Focusing on members of the audience, the camera encourages spectators to flaunt their muscles for the big screen.

Clearly taking his chance to impress the woman behind him, one man proudly performed as the camera panned to him. But, it was what happened next that threatened to outshine the whole game…


After a brief trip around the arena, focusing on other spectators, the camera turned back to the unnamed man. Suddenly, he bursts into action, displaying his non-existent muscles for the woman behind him to see. But, before he could get too carried away, the woman had an unexpected surprise…

Nobody was prepared for what happened next, but as a ripple of wild applause quickly engulfed the arena, it became clear that her actions had been an enormous success.

Embarrassed by the turn of events, the red-faced man tries to hide his face as he sits alone in his seat, staring blankly ahead as everyone around him cheers and claps.

Let this be a lesson to any budding romantic, never try and win a woman over in front of thousands of people.