Man Is Completely Fed-Up With Neighborhood Bullies, So He Transforms House To Get Revenge


Evan Schurr was recently driving through Arkansas when he made a pit-stop in Topeka, Kansas. He was interested in visiting The Westboro Baptist Church, a place no stranger to headlines and controversy.

The Westboro Baptist Church is known for its controversial opinions and hate speech against all sorts of groups, from the LGBT community to U.S. soldiers. Evan and his friend didn’t know what to expect when they parked outside the building — but they definitely didn’t expect to see the house next door sticking out like a sore thumb.

The church stands next to the “Freedom House,” which is painted in the brightest of colors. Evan was surprised to discover it was equipped with free books, notes of love and a graffiti wall to share personal stories.

The house was established to fight the hateful views coming from across the way, with a congregation that relentlessly pickets and protests anyone who doesn’t share in their viewpoints.

It all began when a defiant neighbor named Aaron Jackson bought the empty house, and transformed it with the help of a military veteran and contractor. Now, visitors marvel at the brightly-colored siding.

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