Man From California Found The ‘Komodo Dragon’ Crocodile In His Backyard


Of all things a person expects to find in a backyard, a crocodile is probably not one of them. But that was exactly happened with one man from California.


Craig Williams heard some strange noise in his backyard and went to see what that was. He found his dog barking on something in the grass. When Williams came closer, he discovered a crocodile there. The man got his dog into the house right away because he was afraid the crocodile could hurt the pet.

Then, Williams immediately called the animal control service and told about his finding. Representatives of the local Animal Services Department came to pick up the reptile. They said the unexpected guest appeared to be a relative of the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, which usually lives in the forests of New Guinea and feeds on small animals and birds.


Now, the Animal Service officers are trying to discover how this reptile came to California. The officers think that the crocodile is most likely someone’s pet. By the way, it is totally legal to own crocodiles as pets in California.

The related story happened to another man from Hamilton. Walter Ertsinian was going to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary, when he suddenly discovered an alligator in his house. Actually, his little daughter was the first who noticed the alligator. Using a picnic table, the man created a barrier between the animal and his family and then called the police, who directed the reptile to Hamilton Animal Services.

Fortunately, both stories had a happy ending. Nobody got hurt, including the crocodiles.