Mama Cat And Her Three Kittens Got A New Forever Home After Meeting Two Campers


During a trip together, a father and his son were camping. Everything was going as usual when one day, a cat showed up at their camp. The guys quickly made friends with the feline, but they were not really prepared to host a starving visitor. So, they improvised and they managed to catch a fish for it. But all of a sudden… the cat disappeared. Until the next morning, when it came back with a surprise.

« A few hours later, I woke up from the noise and I went outside to check. Now, instead of looking at two eyes, I saw eight shiny eyes that reflected the light of my phone », said Michael. Mom had brought a trio of very cute kittens.


On the next day, the boys caught more fish and the kittens felt like home with their new human friends.

Michael and his son knew that they couldn’t leave them out there, so they brought back all the four cats: « One week has passed and they like being here. My family decided that we would keep them all », said Michael.


The cat mom and her babies are now safe and they will effectively pay a visit to the vet to get sterilized and treated. At last, life seems to have taken a shiny turn for them.