10 causes to call dogs best friend of a man. Just look!


Only dogs likes us for who we are. This pets knows big secret of our life, nothing in the world means so much as a big heart and I am sure it does not need to be proved — they are our best friends. But … here is 10 causes why they are our best friends.

1. First of all, they have very short term memory, it helps them to forget quickly if you were wrong or if your behavior was not right.


In short, they will not keep in their memory each time when you’ve wronged them. People are different from them — they will keep your actions or words in their mind whole life, even if they tell you, they do not.

2. Dogs have long-term memory.


If you are good to dogs, they will remember it for the whole of their lives. Dogs never leaves us. They always somewhere around if we want them to be beside us.

3. Dogs have our back. Indeed.


Whenever any strangers try to talk to you or even come to your house, the dog will be there beside you to barking on them as your real bodyguard.

4. Dogs can mirror your emotions


If you feel sad or you have had a bad day – dog understands it by the way you breath or talk and will show you their understanding. Doesn’t matter, you are in stressed, depressed or thrilled – they will give you their paw and look at you with their understanding sight.

5. Dogs always washes their dishes and helps you to finish your meal too!


When they eat, it looks like little scary — in that moment, food is everywhere, but when they have already finished their meal — everything around become clean. If you decide to give them some of your food — they will be grateful and will help you to finish your meal too.

6. Dogs are great motivational and emergency tools


Dogs prefers to be useful, they prefer to be active and to give you good vibrations.They are always glad to run with you in early morning or have a walk in the park, when even your own mind and body wants to sleep and refuses to act.

7. Dogs are pretty smart


They can impress you with their intuition and brain, like no other pets! One of my friends has a little dog that I usually play with. So, believe me or not, every time I just start to think in which direction I will throw the ball — he already knows the place there it will fall down. He can read everything in my eyes, by my face and he understands the language of my body.

8. Dogs will never allow you to eat alone


If you think, that with a dog in the house you will ever feel alone — it is not true. You will always have the best company for your dinner — dog will be sitting near your knees, will be asking for the food and and will be barking around to say: Thanks to you or will be asking you to give her more food.

9. Dogs will never betray your trust and will never leave you alone


Do you remember how often your human friends violated their words? Remember how long it takes to wait for them? This will never happen to dogs! They always show you what they feel or want — if they want to play — they wags their tails if they don’t want to play they will lay down near your feet — but they will be near. Always.

10. Dogs know how to live and how to have fun


Dogs do not need to pay bills, increase their knowledge, work or be reliable for your family … but they are reliable for you! They know how to make you laugh, and they do not feel embarrassed to jump into the river with you. I am sure, they like to be themselves and it make me proud to have friend like this. I hope you have your own too.