Lucky The Elefant Looks Adorable When Having Fun On A Beach For The First Time In Her Life


What is your definition of happiness? What makes you happy?

Those questions are not easy to answer. We all are so different, totally random things make us happy. While happiness can be hard to define, it’s easy to recognize it.

Meet Lucky! Lucky is happy, wanna know why? This adorable baby elephant has met the beach for the first time ever! Fortunately, John Lindie, Scottish photographer happened to be on the island of Phuket, Thailand, to capture this moment of pure joy.


The little calf just couldn’t stop rolling around in the sand.


“The pictures were actually very fortuitous, Lucky and her parents lived in a nearby nature sanctuary and I happened to be up early one morning while Lucky was being given her bath and I was “lucky” enough to capture her as she dried off by frolicking in the sand, and she seemed so happy.”

“I had taken my camera to try and get some pictures of the storm as it came in and was very lucky to end up with some fantastic images of Lucky who seemed oblivious to the storm that was brewing in the background,” said Mr. Lindie.


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