Little Girl Is Recording Herself Dancing. Her Father Joins In And Shows Off Some Epic Moves. Coolest Daddy-Daughter Dance Number Ever


A little girl named Austynn Samarco loved to dance and was pretty darn good at it. Dancing also happened to be one thing she and her father had in common.

One day, her father got the chance to feature in a recording of his daughter dancing. He sported a cowboy hat which gave the whole number a unique, country feel.

Both Austynn and her father, Joshua showed off some pretty cool moves and it’s hard not to find them utterly adorable. They did the flips, shakes and even a synchronised choreography.

The daddy-daughter dance team moved to the hit song Classic” which was performed by MKTO.

Austynn’s mum posted the video of the duo dancing online and it soon became a big Youtube hit.

In the video, the beautiful little girl began her number with an impressive solo dance while throwing some acrobatic moves in the mix. After a while, everyone was focused on her daddy dancing happily with his kid.

Before long, the duo was showing off their skills and even added a funny booty shake. They rounded up this fantastic performance with the most epic end pose.

You just have to check out this talented daddy-daughter dance team in the video below.