Little Girl Gets Terrible Nightmares And Cries Every Night. Then Smart Daddy Gives Her A Wonderful “Prescription”


Are there any of us who have never been afraid of monsters under the bed? We bet that as a kid, you imagined a scary creature jumping out of nowhere and grabbing you by your leg! Well, it’s the most common fear among children. When parents leave you alone in the room, the lights go off and weird-shaped shadows appear on the walls, it is hard to stay calm. All children have an overactive imagination and tend to see real characters in non-living objects, and it’s normal in most cases. However, sometimes, it might have a negative psychological effect and cause serious problems for a child.

Two-year-old Mia was about to become such a case. The little girl was afraid to go to bed because she had been regularly having nightmares. Mia was convinced there were monsters under her bed and in her closet and was crying every single night because she was so scared. The toddler wouldn’t fall asleep if one of her parents wasn’t cuddling with her.
The whole family tried to assure Mia that no creatures live in her room. Then, they said monsters are just funny guys that wanted to be her friends. Unfortunately, nothing helped.

Mia’s parents started getting really worried, but one day, her dad came up with a brilliant idea. He knew what would convince his daughter she was safe. He took her to their local pharmacist. Then, he asked them to print out a prescription label for something that would kill all the monsters in Mya’s room. Dad had taken a spray bottle with him, so the label was glued to it. Here’s what the label read:



Little Mya was very happy to receive the magical remedy and use it at home. She sprayed every corner of her room to protect herself from monsters, and it was too adorable. Watch the video below to see how the amazing prescription helped the cute toddler conquer her fears and sleep soundly in her comfy bed.