Lady Diana Used To Carry Her Clutch Close To Her Chest. Any Idea Why?


Lady Diana was a very famous woman, so it is not surprising that people are still interested in her life, her habits and the secrets of her iconic style.

One of her little secrets was revealed by British designer Anya Hindmarch. A lot of people already know that Lady Diana loved clutches and used to carry them very close to her chest. And only very recently we learnt the reason for this habit.


According to Anya Hindmarch, Lady Diana was one of her first clients in 1993. She was very fond of clutches and used them very often. Her cocktail dresses matched perfectly with the clutches she chose. But as it turned out, these little handbags were not only beauty accessories.


As you can see in the few photos below, the princess used those clutches to… cover her breast while getting out of the car. She invented this elegant way of using them to avoid tabloid headlines and unpleasant pictures.


Pretty convenient tip, isn’t it?