Just popping out for some milk: Shoppers snap the eccentric characters who roam the aisles of their local supermarkets:


Ah the supermarket aisle: a mundane catwalk of everyday life.

But every so often, we come across characters so out of the ordinary that reality is briefly suspended.
These images, rounded up from across the world, showcase the shoppers so out-there, they simply had to be captured on camera.

In America, the sheer volume of these snaps is so great that a website exists to document them, the wildly popular People of Walmart.

Here, MailOnline presents a selection of photos submitted to the web which will if nothing else leave you scratching your head.

From the woman with platform heels so high it’s a wonder she can steer the cart, to the underwear-clad couple who seemingly woke up one morning and just thought ‘to hell with clothes’.



Staggeringly high: Most women wouldn’t be able to navigate such platforms on a night out, let alone clomping round the supermarket


Time out: This little chap was spotted having a tow-ride on a mobility scooter in the dairy aisle


Baffling: We can’t quite solve the puzzle of this man’s footwear – any suggestions welcome


Each to their own: There’s a lot going on with this outfit, so much so that one fellow supermarket shopper felt the need to document it


Beep beep: The backstory here is unclear, but these two security offers certainly appear to be having fun


Right then: This snap of a heavily accessorized and fierce-haired shopper was captioned – ‘Tina Turner has NOT aged well’


Publicity stunt: A father who went to bold lengths in order to prove a point to his daughters


Rapunzel, is that you? The man on the left appears to have donned a fox tail, while the character on the right has seemingly grown a tail of their own


Deep: According to this woman’s T-Shirt, biscuits and porn are ‘all you need for a happy life’

Balancing act: In a stunt which is certainly impressive if nothing else, a woman appears to be having an entirely hands-free mobile phone conversation


Where are the carrots? This horse apparently wandered in to an American Spar store, despite understandable protestations from the manager


Hot day? A couple who didn’t feel like donning proper clothes (left) and a shopper who alarmingly appears to be wearing a swastika (right)


Donald? Skin tight jeans and gravity-defying hair – this gentleman easily earns his place in the eccentric shopper hall of fame