Judge Sick Of Her Rude Attitude, Goes Back On Ruling & Delivers Punishment She Won’t Forget



When Miami Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat did not receive the level of respect he deserved, he made it clear who was in charge. He was reviewing Penelope Soto’s case, a teenager caught in possession of Xanax, and was ready to explain to her the consequences of her actions when she quickly made matters worse. Her haughty attitude filled the atmosphere. She gave little attention to the very serious judge handing out her sentence. Judge Rodriguez-Chomat noticed not only her flippant actions, but her shocking words that went along with them.

While the 18-year-old had every opportunity to help the situation, she only managed to make things worse for herself. As soon as she stepped up to the stand, it was clear that she wasn’t taking this seriously. With her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, she was already starting on the wrong foot, without even saying a word. The moment he starts questioning her actions, she brushes him off with a chuckle. This was perhaps the very last place to be giggling carelessly the way she did, yet she continues making a joke of the situation.


Not enthused in any way, the judge decides to give her an idea of how serious the whole thing is. Her sentence, which already had weighty consequences, instantly doubles in severity. This was her final chance to show respect — or at the very least give an apology, but instead she quite literally took matters into her own hands. Tired of the situation, Penelope walks away. However, it only ends in a downward spiral for the unruly teen. The judge calls her back yet again with news that makes her jaw drop. Watch how things end in a shocking way in the video below.