It’s better not to mess with these: 10 serious dog breeds


The best friends of a person, dogs, are not always such in essence, in view of aggressive disposition and dangerous behavior, so it’s better not to start some dog breeds at home.


Each person sees the real danger from the dog in his own way: someone initially believes that they are all evil and aggressive creatures, despite the good-natured and affectionate nature, and try to avoid them in every possible way. But most experienced breeders are sure that any dog can be trained, regardless of its nature.

However, there is a list of breeds of really dangerous dogs, compiled on the basis of real facts of their attack on humans, the threat that they potentially carry within themselves, which definitely should not be wound up at home.


1.Bull Terrier



Dogs of this breed are characterized by unpredictability. Even they can easily attack their master after a training course, and there is nothing to talk about strangers.


2. Tosa Inu


a massive and powerful breed, was bred as a fighting one, because the dogs have a very cool temper, and so much so that in other countries it is forbidden by law to have such a dog at home.


3. Canary Great Dane


was bred in order to graze cattle, this dog is very aggressive by nature, so you need to keep it literally on a short leash, subjecting it to tough training. And it’s better to sterilize it early.


4. Rhodesian Ridgeback


Bred only to use it to disperse the lions from the prey, which killed the owner. This dog is very smart and faithful, but his reaction to strangers is perfect unpredictable. And shouting and waving hands in the presence of this dog is strongly discouraged, otherwise you can easily be left without any part of the body.


5. Boer Boel


In Africa, apparently, they know a lot about dog breeding — the boer boel is also from there, from South Africa it turned out to be a wonderful guard loyal to his own owners and completely dislike strangers — he is able to give a powerful rebuff to the most evil robbers, and the tactics of an unexpected attack are not alien to him .


6. American Bulldog


gives the impression of a friendly dog, despite its slowness and clumsiness. A very stubborn dog that can easily attack even the owner only because he took his favorite toy from him.


7. Wolfhound


It is a cross between a dog and a wolf, with very difficult, dangerous and completely disloyal behavior. However, for military purposes, this dog will fit, but getting it in the house is at least strange and dangerous.


8. Gul dong 


sometimes called the Pakistani bulldog for its power, strength, fighting qualities, for the sake of which it, in fact, was brought out. He does not take aggression, and it is very difficult to train him.


9. Pit bull


It includes the word «bull», and it was intended to set on bears and bulls — this is a dog! A dangerous breed that is actively used in dog battles, although some owners consider them very nice and kind.


10. Dobermans



very intelligent dogs that track down “prey” remarkably have an iron character and fighting qualities. Aggression and unpredictability still prevent him from becoming a full-fledged guard for the family.