It Is All About Managing The Space: A Tiny House Has Enough Room For 7 People To Live There In Comfort


These days, we have seen such gorgeously designed houses that have proven that having a lot of space inside is overrated. Talented builders and designers have managed to make good use of whatever space is available. This house is a really good example.


A tiny-home builder in Oregon called “Handcrafted Movement” has turned this 238-square-feet space into a modern and luxurious home. It is so well created that up to seven people can comfortably sleep here.

On the main level, there is a pull-out couch that sleeps two. This section is separated from the rest of the home with the use of a sliding barn door.


The gorgeous modern kitchen comes with all the appliances that make it very functional. They are clean and white, giving it a modern look. In addition, there is a dining set that can seat four.


Granted, this is not the kind of home that can house a lot of properties. Therefore, to live here, you need to be willing to bring along only essentials. There are built-in storage cupboards, cabinets, and closets, where you can store whatever you need.

Check out the luxurious looking bathroom below. It is equipped with LED lighting and a Bluetooth speaker. There is also an energy-efficient flush toilet and a vanity with a beautiful mirror.


This is certainly one small home that houses big benefits.