Is Rihanna really engaged? We finally have an answer!


While the world was drooling over the big diamond ring Rihanna flattered in her hand, the truth behind the ring is finally revealed.

Rihanna has always been closed about her personal life, so when people (including our intrepid entertainment team) saw her rocking a huge diamond ring on her finger, the world went into a frenzy with speculation as to whether Rihanna was engaged to her boyfriend Hassan Jameel, who she has been dating for a while.


However, a source close to the singer has come forward and revealed to Hollywood Life that Rihanna is not planning to settle down anytime soon. The source also added that if Rihanna was engaged to someone, she would probably reveal the big news soon.


“Rihanna is not actually engaged. If she were engaged, she would let the whole world know about it pretty quickly. That is news she would love to share with her family, friends, and fans.» The source also revealed that Rihanna is just trying to play around a bit with people by her actions.


«They have been spending time together and Rihanna would love to get serious, but right now she is just toying with people. She loves the attention she gets wearing a big ring like that and she is trying to send a not-so-subtle message to Hassan too,» the source added.


It is not confirmed when the two started dating, but it is believed that things got serious between them in a short period of time. The couple was spotted together in June and news about their relationship spread like wildfire after they were photographed locking lips.


Soon, Rihanna and her new man were receiving all the attention from the media. According to The Sun, Rihanna is very serious about this relationship and has even talked about Hassan, who is the deputy president and vice-chairman of family business Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic, to her friends.


The Sun reported: “This relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten.» A source even said, «They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They’re really enjoying each others’ company.”


It seems like Rihanna is head over heels in love with Hassan and would not say no to a proposal. “Rihanna wants him to get caught up in the excitement and have him thinking about putting a ring on it asap,” the source told Hollywood Life.


It is believed that the duo shares a unique chemistry. “She thinks Hassan is really hot, she is totally into him and they have an amazing connection,» the source added. Recently, Rihanna and Hassan were spotted together on a date where the Diamond singer was seen sitting on Hassan’s lap.


Eyewitnesses told The Sun that the two were locking lips all night long during their Halloween bowling session. Despite her busy schedule, Rihanna is often seen hanging out with Hassan and making sure that they spend as much time together as they can.


The source also revealed that on their recent date night: “Rihanna actually bowled pretty well and she definitely wasn’t shy about rubbing it in Hassan’s face.” The source claims that their easy relationship is what anyone would desire to have.


“Whenever she would bowl a strike she’d scream, ‘I do this sh*t!’ and Hassan would just laugh and give her a kiss. Hassan really looked to actually embrace her competitiveness. He often marveled in the way she strutted off the lane back to the booth,» the source said.

Currently, the singer is working on to promote her Fenty beauty line and aims at ensuring that one makeup line can fit all.