Injured Stork Can’t Migrate – Her Soulmate Flies Thousands Of Miles Every Year Just For Her


True love can overcome any obstacle. No matter the distance between them, two souls in love will always find a way to be together. These two love birds are no exception. You’ll never guess how far this male travels to see the one he loves.

Klepetan and Malena are two storks from Croatia. They fell in love long ago, and have been together ever since. The two met on a red rooftop and became inseparable. While storks are not a species that mates for life, they do tend to return to the same nest and mate. Klepetan’s loyalty to Malena, however, goes above and beyond the typical romance.

Years ago, Malena was injured by a hunter. With hurt wings, this stork could no longer fly. It was bad enough that she couldn’t join her mate up in the air, but to make things worse he had to leave her behind on his annual winter migration south. This lover boy might be gone during the cold months, but as soon as he is able to return, he is back by Malena’s side.


Klepetan has returned to Malena every March for the past 15 years. He flies over 8,000 miles to get to her. Most couples are afraid of long distance, but these storks blow them out of the water!

Klepetan is incredibly dedicated to being with his love. Stjepan Vokić has been caring for the storks since day one – he lives in the house atop which the storks met! According to Stjepan, Klepetan returns at the exact same time every year. The man likes to greet the bird with a big bucket of fish.

This past year, something incredible happened. Klepetan rejoined Malena a week early! At first Stjepan doubted it was him, but when he began to search for the customary bucket of fish, the man was convinced. Klepetan just couldn’t stay away.


The two live a magnificent life together. They have built a cozy nest on the rooftop, and Malena keeps it warm when her man is out flying. The two have raised over 40 baby storks together! Clearly, they have found a love so strong it can withstand any obstacles.

Recently, these two love birds have gained fame. They were featured on Total Croatia News, and they even have their own animated video. Croatia Full of Life has created a short video about their unique love story.

These storks are proof that true love knows no bounds. Find someone who loves you as much as Klepetan loves Malena.