In vain they offended the cat


My grandmother, long gone to a better world, lived in a village. You can’t live without animals in the village: it had ducks, chickens, pigs, three cows, goats and rabbits. Well, a dog to protect all this economy. And cat. But what about without a cat, when mice and rats live next door? The cat was large and was reputed to be an excellent rat-catcher.

And then someone came to carry hens in the village. Every morning someone lacked one or two brood hens.


And the people began to think on the cat. Delegations reached out to grandmother.

“Mary, your cat is stealing chickens from us.” This is not the case, said the walkers.

All the arguments that this is not a cat came across a blank wall of misunderstanding.

Reluctantly, the grandmother asked her grandfather to take the cat to relatives in the district center. And then someone from the village could be quick at hand and make reprisals against the cat.

The cat was taken away, and the hens continued to disappear. The first person received from his grandmother:

— Yes, because of you, Herods, I have taken sin into my soul …

The rumor that there was no cat spread throughout the village and stopped complaining. And the hens continued to disappear. A few days later, a rumor spread around the village that this ferret was strangling chickens and was seen in several places.

And a few days later a cat entered the gate … The pillows on the legs were worn out, the paws in the blood were dirty, the face was scratched … The cat went to his grandmother, looked at her and meowed plaintively, as if asking to be left. Maybe it seemed to me, but I saw tears in his face and eyes …

originalGrandmother carefully took the cat in her arms. This is the only time I saw a grandmother who went through a nurse the whole World II meat grinder, with tears in her eyes.

The cat was cured, and the neighbors no longer stuttered about chickens. After some time, the cat, full of wounds, brought in the teeth of a dead ferret.