If You See This Symbol On A Baby’s Crib, Here Is Why You Do Not Ask The Parents About It


It’s typically a joyous occasion when you go to the hospital to visit the newborn baby of a friend or loved one. However, people are beginning to notice that a few baby cribs have a purple butterfly on them — and you’re going to want to know the devastating meaning behind them.
The exasperated mother trying to soothe her twins turned to the other mother in the room, the one who was sitting in her rocking chair next to her daughter. With a slight shake of her head, the mother looked at the sole baby sleeping in her crib and said, “You’re so lucky you haven’t got twins … “
It was a seemingly innocent statement. But it was one that broke Milli Smith’s heart. Because she was the mother of twins — but only one of her twin baby daughters had survived longer than three hours after birth.


Milli Smith and her partner Lewis Cann were delighted when they found out they had gotten pregnant and were expecting twins. Although they knew that twins ran on Milli’s side, the reality was bittersweet as there had not been a set of twins born in the family where both survived.


Skye and Callie were born, but Skye only lived a mere three hours. They let both babies share a crib in the nursery for a brief time. These brief moments were precious for Milli and Lewis because they could see their girls together. The babies were tiny and precious.


Although they had one daughter left, they were still grieving. Another mother of twins was feeling a bit overwhelmed and mentioned that they were lucky that they didn’t have twins. Milli Smith knew that the other mother didn’t know of her loss, After she had been dismissed, she thought of a way to help other parents not experience such thoughtless words.