If This Video Doesn’t Change Your Perspective on Handicapped People, No One Can Help You


Everyone is full of empathy and love towards disabled people…as long as they don’t sit too close to them, or try to make any kind of contact.


Organization Pro Infirmis conducted a social experiment about how society reacts to the handicapped. They filmed it and created a beautiful video that should raise awareness about this issue.


The video shows a person in a bear costume standing at the center of a town square. He encourages people to approach him, but everyone seem to hesitate. Then a little girl breaks the ice and gives him a warm hug in spite of her mother’s deterrence.

Soon afterwards, other people stop and notice a bear. They start showing interest and finally get rid of the constraints. One after another, people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities start hugging the bear.


Finally, the person under the costume takes off the mask and we can see a disabled person asking a question:

“Do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer?”


The video is supposed to make us realize that handicapped people live and love just like we do, and that sometimes it is really hard for them to socialize because people tend to avoid them.


So, don’t hesitate, Get closer!


Watch the video in the link bellow and share this touching story with your friends and family. Help them realize that disabled persons are just like the rest of us, and they just need us to get closer.