I Couldn’t Solve This Simple Problem. Then My Kid Did A Simple Trick With Paper, And I Finally Got it!


Recently, my 9-year-old daughter, Emma, brought me a picture with a problem from school and asked if I could figure out the correct answer. I was puzzled for some time. Finally, I gave up and called my husband for help, but he didn’t succeed either.

I was very angry and called the teacher, asking why they give such hard tasks for kids. Her answer stunned me: it turned out that Emma had been the first to solve it in class. That moment I understood why she’d been smiling all the evening.

I asked my daughter the correct answer and was really shocked to hear that! At first, it made no sense, but Emma did something with the piece of paper, which made everything pretty clear!

Ok. Have you figured out the answer already?

If not, here’s the hint:

The correct answer is 87! Isn’t it shocking? It’s a perception trick, and most adults are fooled because their mind loses the flexibility, which kids possess.