Husband Finds Wife’s Wedding Ring In The Ashes Of Destroyed Home And Re-Proposes On The Spot


In recent weeks, wildfires have raged through southern California, destroying everything in their path.

The scorched areas are now as large as New York City and Boston combined, and they’re not getting any smaller.

Unfortunately, these enormous fires don’t just tear down forests and wooded areas. Houses, businesses, and entire towns are being ravaged by the flames. People all around the state have had their lives upended by the blaze.

Staying safe from the wildfires is of the utmost concern for southern California residents, which means thousands have had to evacuate their homes in order to preserve their lives.

The Myers family — Don, Julie, and their five sons — had to leave quickly when a fire threatened their home. When they were finally able to return, they found their house in ashes. The fire had destroyed everything.

When Don found Julie’s wedding ring, though, he knew just what to do to help lift their spirits.


Julie shared her story on the Facebook page Love What Matters, where it quickly got a lot of attention.

Within just a few days, the post had over 8,800 reactions and 320 shares.

Julie wrote:

My husband, Don and I, are a blended family with four sons between us.

The fire started in Santa Paula, about 10 miles from our house, and moved to about a mile of our home within two hours.

I could see it from my deck, at 10 pm.

We left immediately, assuming that all our paperwork and jewelry (including my wedding ring), was in the fire safe. We lost our home…

My wedding ring was so special to me because Don bought it for me, in 1989, when we had nothing.

We returned to our home to search for it, but I left — I was a little overwhelmed with seeing some of the rubble of my life… along with horrible air quality.

Don continued searching and found the ring (along with Grandma’s teacup, too) in a ‘fire-proof’ safe — which actually had become an oven to our belongings inside!

When I returned, Don popped down on one knee, re-proposing; as our 5th son, Corey photographed us.

People who saw Julie and Don’s story were obviously moved by it.

Some individuals shared their condolences, while others praised the family for doing what was necessary.

One person wrote: “So sorry for your loss. Lifting prayers up for you and your family as you start over and deal with all the emotions that will engulf you. God bless you.”

Another person said: “So sorry for your loss, but happy that you found those two special things. Lost a house years ago and lost it all, so I can feel your pain.”

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