How to understand that a cat loves him



Many of us at a subconscious level understand whether a pet perceives us or not. With dogs, you immediately understand whether there will be friendship or armed neutrality between you, but with cats, it’s not so simple. How can you understand whether friendship will happen between you and the cat or not.


Cats are only half domesticated and they always have their own opinions about people around them. If she sympathizes with the owners and their friends, she will always purr and show her attention in every possible way.


When a cat begins to get confused, this is one of the “symptoms” of her love for you. She marks you with herself and with her smell, thus expressing her love. Even if you are tired that you cannot sit for a second and your pet immediately jumps into your arms, bear with it, because he sincerely loves you.


When a cat (looks through half-closed eyelids and then begins to blink slowly), it is also a symptom of falling in love.

Cats with only the person they like will purr. Also, only with your beloved two-legged owner will the cat go to bed or will be bridged on your clothes or in your bed in your absence.


When a cat gives you presents in the form of a mouse on a pillow, rejoice — your pet is definitely crazy about you.


Light biting and licking by the cat is also a manifestation of universal love for you. You are your own, and therefore must be clean, so he is trying to put you in order.


If a cat tries to jump onto the keyboard while you are working on a laptop or while watching TV, he simply does not want to share your attention with gadgets.


If you were occupied by a not quite light body and stretched out on your stomach or back — this is the same love that the cat shows. The animal completely trusts you and feels with you in complete safety.