How To Find Out Something New About Yourself In 1 Minute? Take This Test!


Many scientists and artists claim that pictures help to look inside the human’s soul and make some conclusions about his or her attitude of mind.

We offer you this test from Israeli illustrator Noma Bar who uses space cunningly to create pictures that make you think for a while.

So, look attentively at this picture and answer the question.

What did you see the first on this picture: a lady with red lips, a hen or a man with big nose?

1. A hen


If you first of all saw a hen, then you are a person who likes to pay attention to small details. Such character may prevent you from finishing what you’ve started, because you often find some invisible problem and give it too much time. You are perfectionist by nature, and can improve what you’ve started till eternity. You are probably good at exact science.

2. A lady with red lips

If you first of all noticed a silhouette of a lady with red lips, this shows your tenacity. You can’t agree on the least, you are maximalist. At the same time, you don’t have enough patience to bring to life your plans. When you lose interest to one task, you easily move to another one. You love humanitarian science more than mathematics.

3. Half-face of a man


Not everyone can see the third image on this picture. But if you turn it upside-down, you will see a half-face of a man with mustache and long nose.

If you first of all saw this image, you are a really unique person. You can see things other don’t even guess of! You have outstanding state of mind.

If you saw two or three variants at once, this means that you have good analytical abilities. You quickly work over information that you receive and immediately make the best decisions. You combine the best qualities of personalities described above.