How to build your own relaxation spot using wooden pallets


Whenever you have a rough day and need to switch off for five minutes, it’s important to have a place where you can relax in your home or garden. Thankfully, we have just the idea as our DIY relaxation spot is perfect all year round. Though mainly intended for your garden, the structure can be wheeled indoors for the colder months. Watch the video to find out more…

You’ll need:

8 wooden pallets
4 wooden boards (4 ft x 1 ft)
paint of your choice
nails and screws
roller wheels


Here’s how:

Paint the pallets and wooden boards in a color of your choice. It’s best to use waterproof paint if you’d like to take your wooden hideaway outside.


Once the paint has dried, start by assembling the bottom half of the structure. To do so, stand the first two pallets upright parallel to one another. The distance between them should correspond to the width of a pallet. The topside of both pallets must also be facing each other.


Connect the two pallets using two wooden boards that you place on the pallets’ crossbeam. Nail the boards into place.


Complete the lower half of the structure by installing a third pallet as the back panel and placing another pallet on top of the wooden boards. You screw everything into place on the sides.


To build the top half of the structure, stand a pallet on each of the three pallets in the lower half of the structure. The pallets on top are secured together.

It’s best not to secure the upper part of the structure to the lower section, as this will prevent you from disassembling the structure and moving it.

And while we’re on the subject of movement: place the lower part on its back panel and attach roller wheels at the corners.


To finish the structure, nail another wooden board across the middle of the upper section.


You can now place the last pallet on top as it’s supported by this wooden board and the back panel. Now nail the last wooden board to the front of the top pallet to finish.


All you need to do now is decorate the structure as you please!


Once fitted out with comfy cushions and decorated with flowers, you have a cozy relaxation spot for the garden that can double up as an eye-catching piece of furniture in your home.