Horse That’s Forced To Pull Carriages, Collapses From Exhaustion. Do You Support Banning This?


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When it comes to their wedding day, brides and grooms certainly don’t like to skimp on anything and they make sure to have all the bells and whistles. From cake to venue, a wedding day is usually a time that a couple goes all out, throwing a memorable party to celebrate the day they tied the knot.
When one couple decided to add a horse and carriage to their list of wedding day perks, they learned that it may not have been the best decision. Their day went from happy and glowing to tragic in a matter of minutes.

The couple arrived at the church in the small Italian mountain town of Borgetto, in a picture-perfect setting. They were dropped off by a horse pulling their ornate wedding carriage. The white stallion pulling the cart was a beauty and made all the guest’s jaws drop.

But not long after the horse presented the couple in front of the church, he passed out from heat exhaustion and the entire episode was caught on camera. The video shows the horse on his side, breathing heavily as the carriage driver tries to move him. Other wedding party members are also seen attempting to help out but there is no budging the horse.
The situation was so bad that traffic through town was closed off, as the decorated horse and carriage were blocking the roads.

There is speculation that the horse had been exposed to the blazing sun too long, which caused him to pass out and fall to the ground in exhaustion. The incident happened immediately after he climbed a steep stretch of road while pulling the couple. The total weight he was pulling was 400 kilograms.

A neighbor in a nearby flat filmed the incident as it unfolded.

So, while it’s nice to go all out on your wedding day, it’s not the best idea to put a horse’s life in danger. As to be expected, animal rights activists are not happy and charities are threatening to file a lawsuit in relation to the case.

“We have already written to local authorities to ask them to confirm the current conditions of the horse,” a spokesman for the Italian Nucleus Operational Protection of Animals said.
Commenters were not too happy about the situation and several are calling it animal cruelty…

“ZERO TOLERANCE of animal cruelty. All horse and carriage rides should be stopped. There is just too much abuse of animals going on in our world today. Sickening.”

“Same thing goes on with the pack horses used in The Grand Canyon by the native Americans, no water, open sores, the horses forced to run down the trail in scorching temperatures ……… dreadful abuse.”

“Glad the wedding was spoilt for this couple. If you think doing this is good/special etc you are demented. That poor horse, just so you can arrive at your wedding. Get a car like everyone else. Stupid people. Hope the horse makes a full recovery and isn’t made to do this again!”