Hilarious Rebels Who Do Not Care About The Rules


We’re surrounded by rules, especially in the United States where it’s necessary to
prevent absolutely everything in order to avoid lawsuits. But sometimes it can be
suocating, and some people feel the need to defy the simplest laws or rebel
against authorities. This leads to some really funny situations as you will see in these 24 photos…
1. Not a chance


2. No rule gets by him


A sign at the entrance of the Trinity College Library in Dublin
3. Bills are forbidden


The sign prohibits “soliciting and posting of bills,” and a clever person has
covered the sign with photos of all the most famous Bills: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates,
Bill Cosby…
4. Chinese people can’t be stopped


The sign reads, “No China on patio” but since the word has two meanings, it’s
funny to see this young lady on the patio right next to this ambiguous sign.
5. No respect!


As seen on the knife, it’s for serving cheese only.
6. The spirit of contradiction


The sign is supposed to prohibit smoking and drinking, but because of the way

it’s written, one might understand “No smoking alcohol,” which of course he
was quick to try.
7. Ok


To save money, the boss put a label on this label-maker: “DO NOT PRINT
LABELS UNNECESSARILY.” One clever guy printed and stuck a label underneath
it saying “OK.” It’s just the kind of thing that must have made the boss mad…
8. Try to make me get up me if you dare


In the subway, some seats are reserved for expectant mothers, disabled people,
and the elderly, but this sign reserves the seat only for people who are in a
9. “We refuse to die!”


“This year thousands of men will die from stubbornness,” and beneath it,
someone painted “No we won’t.” This is a government poster designed to
encourage men to go to the doctor for prevention tests, because they’re often
stubborn and refuse to get tests done until it’s too late.
10. “Now it’s the only thing I can think about!”


11. The protester who knows everything


The box warns “Do not use blade to open,” probably to avoid scratching the
contents. So this rebel who knows everything took a CD titled “Blade” to open it.
12. “Rules are made to be broken.”


13. Past the expiration date


Above where this older man is sitting, you can read in large letters: “Teen Spot.”
Maybe the guy has been here for a very long time…
14. The stapler that has seen the world


An employee who was tired of his oor’s
stapler constantly disappearing
attached this label that says “Floor 4. Do not remove.” An ill-intentioned
colleague took the stapler away and photographed it in front of various far-away

tourist attractions. We’re not going to see the stapler again on the 4th oor
anytime soon… You can bet that he had to hang up these pictures in the room
where the stapler once was.
15. Even nature breaks the rules!


16. Say no to discrimination!


This stubborn guy took a seat in the women’s section of the library to read a book
clearly entitled “For Women Only.”
17. “Absolutely no ball playing allowed”


18. Insult to consumer creativity


When a juice box says “Insert straw here” and some people nd
it insulting. So
they insert the straw right next to it. Take that!
19. The thorn in his side


Under the door sign for Dr. Hedgeh in oce
51, there is an infuriated note:
“Warning: to whoever keeps adding “og” to my doorsign, if I catch you, you are
dead. Dr. Hedgeh” and the repeat oender
added “og” to the signature on the
20. Beast and unruly


This New York subway poster explains, “Poles are made for your safety, not your
latest routine. Hold the pole, not our attention. A subway car is no place for
showtime.” And this jokester dressed like the man in the poster to do exactly
what the sign advises against.
21. “I see no problem!”


This girl ridicules the sign trying to discourage diving by imitating it exactly as
22. “Oh how funny! I have the same pair!”


23. “Free parking


24. Even presidents play along…