Here Are Some Super-Things You Can Make From Your Old Jeans. How Lovely!


Your favorite jeans have become too small for you? You don’t like their style anymore? Your denim jacket is out of fashion? Has the skirt outlived itself? Wait, do not throw them away! As you can make so many wonderful things from these things! If only you knew that before! Just look at that!

1. Denim Diary


A lovely diary, upholstered with denim, with a pocket for pens and charming decor elements: bows and roses.

2. Cases For Bottles


Sewing trouser-legs of your old jeans together, you can make excellent cases for bottles. You can also make an unusual handbag for gifts.

3. Denim Basket


Cutting denim fabric into ribbons, you can weave or knit a basket to store anything you want: from knitting stuff to fruits.

4. Denim Slippers


Awesome, right? Just wrap two insoles with denim cloth and make the top part. You can cut the details by unstitching your old slippers.

5. Denim Pouf


Such a thing is perfect for those rooms where there are lots of people. This pouf will last you for an eternity, because denim doesn’t wear out so easily.

6. Denim Turtle


This turtle is quite easy to make — just take two pockets, and draw a pattern for the rest of the details. Just a couple of stitches and you have an excellent turtle — a toy for children, a pincushion for needles or just a decoration for a sofa.

7. Denim Clutch


From the bottom of your trouser-legs, you can make a stylish clutch. And a handbag and even more beautiful and useful things!

8. Denim Picture


Diligent masters and craftsmen can create even such masterpieces for an interior. And even for this denim appeared to be so useful!

9. Denim Shopping Bag


With such a bag over your shoulder, you can do shopping all day long! And once this bag was a skirt!

10. Denim Traveling Bag


Are you going to a picnic? Do you want to look stylish and fashionable outdoors? Then make yourself such a handbag from your old jeans — comfortable and beautiful!

11. Denim Elephant-Bag


An excellent toy-bag in the pocket of which you can put something small.

12. Denim Pocket Bag


In this handbag, you can put small children toys, accessories for drawing or books.

13. Denim Napkin-Organizers


Well, isn’t it lovely? The usual pocket turns into a stylish part of the table setting. But denim is not only blue — imagine what napkins you can make out of such denim!

14. Denim Whales


Charming whales will decorate the interior of your living room, bedroom or nursery.

15. Denim Cosmetic Bag


What can be simpler than sewing a zipper to the sides of the jeans leg and put your favorite cosmetics into your new cosmetic bag? Do not forget to sew the bottom to your new cosmetic bag!

16. Denim Bracelet With Rhinestones


Denim ribbon, brooch or rhinestones — one, two, and it’s ready!

17. Denim Rug


These rugs are made of old jeans. They are worth a lot, but they look very cool!

18. Denim Patchwork


Do you like handicrafts in the quilt or patchwork techniques? Then you do not have to think for a long time what to make out of your old denim clothing. Pure beauty!

19. Denim Socks


These are such coolios you can sew yourself for Christmas gifts.

20. Denim Handbags For Cereals


From your denim pockets, you can make such bags for storing dry products: nuts, seeds or candies in candy wrappers.

21. Denim Potholders


In your kitchen not only food should look attractive, but also accessories.

22. Denim Book


This book will be “too tough” even for the most confident kids — the denim cover is resistant to throwing, mud and other pranks of your children.

23. Denim Cushions


Such cushions will make any room in your house beautiful. Just turn on your imagination!

24. Denim Aprons For The Little Ones


It’s hard to find the best material for children’s clothing than denim. It is resistant to any dirt and frenzy.
So I can’t wait to find my old jeans, my closet is full of! They lie there all alone, but it’s so sad to throw them away, but at the same time no one will be wearing them anymore. So I’ll do a useful thing: I’ll free the place and create beauty and comfort in my house. And how do you like the idea?