Her Caretaker Puts A Camera In Front Of Her. Once You Start Watching. You’ll Be Amazed


This 92 year old woman named Wanda B. Goines is not finished with life yet! At at staggering age of 92 she is still enjoying the important things in life.

One of them things being poetry.

She recently wrote her own poem called ” The Gift Wrap and The Jewel. Her caretaker/minds Kathryn listened to her poem and decided that she wanted to record a video of her reciting the poem.


She was so touched when she heard the poem that she felt the need to post it on the internet for everybody to see.

First she decided to setup a camera and getting Wanda into her chair so she could recite the poem for the world to see. After she recorded and posted it to social media the video quickly went viral. Once you watch the video for yourself you will realize why.

All I can say is that its pretty impressive from a woman of her age to be able to write a poem this well, and even better to recite it in the way she did.

Watch the video below and if it inspires you then please feel free to help spread her positive word and Rasplove the video around the globe.