Her Boyfriend Undergoes Makeover, But No One Expects Stunt He Pulls After Seeing New Look


Claribel looks like a fashionista from Hollywood, and her boyfriend Brandon looks about as casual as can be. The couple was made for each other yet they have to admit — they are each other’s opposite.
The two grew up knowing each other well and their preferences for fashion are simply accepted by the other. However, as they mature in their relationship, they both felt that it was time for a change.

Brandon sought a more professional, trendy look to his laid back style. He also was ready to chop the long locks everyone had grown accustomed to.
Brandon is about to get a whole new look and Claribel can’t wait to find out what her «new» man will look like. It probably will be a drastic change and she is so excited!


Then makeup artist Gretta Monahan shares her secret intentions. «I just want to warn you all that your jaws are gonna drop,» she shares with the audience. «I have something in store for him that you’re not going to believe!»
As Brandon heads backstage for a complete transformation, Claribel’s anticipation grew as she awaited the results. Then when Brandon walks out on stage with a classy look and a fresh new haircut, the audience erupts.

The young man standing on the stage with long hair and a T-shirt now looks like a movie star. What no one else knew is that Brandon was keeping a secret of his own, and he wasn’t going to reveal it until his beautiful girlfriend saw his new look.
But when Claribel walks on stage, he waits no longer and lowers himself to his knee. Shocked, Claribel is overwhelmed by her sweet guy who looks fabulous and is now giving her the surprise of her life.

His stylist warned she had a makeover in store for him that was sure to make everyone’s jaws drop — and boy, did it! The audience couldn’t believe the new version of Brandon nor what he did after the unveiling.
Neither can everyone else! The YouTube video of his unveiling and special request of Claribel has gone viral with more than three million views.

Watch Brandon and Claribel’s charming story below. It’s such a storybook romance!