Heartwarming Photos Of Children Who Make This World A Better Place To Live In


Life has its ups and downs, and any of us has bad days from time to time. Sometimes it seems that you experience more challenges than pleasures, and it makes you feel stressed and disappointed. Of course, nobody says you are to go hyper excited 24/7, but next time you suddenly get blues, look at these photos and charge with energy and optimism.
The kids depicted below are ordinary humans, who lead normal lives. They go to school, do sports, play video games, eat sweets and sometimes quarrel with their friends. But at the same time they are each doing their fair share of special deeds to make this world a better place. Learn from these children that you don’t necessary need to wear a latex costume or a MIB badge to be a hero.

1. 8-year-old Noah boosts his brother’s self-confidence by backing him up at mini-triathlon.


2. A boy from Bangladesh goes in an outrush after a drowning deer cub.


3. A boy breaks his piggy bank and uses $120 he saved to make lunch for the homeless.


4. 9-year-old boy creates a shelter in his garage to feed homeless animals.


5. 8-year-old boy has been growing hair for two years to donate it for kids who need wigs due to chemotherapy.


6. Little kid helps a baby bunny reunite with his family.


7. A baby calms down a Japanese politician by drying his tears.


8. 3-year-old girl donates her hair to children undergoing cancer treatment.


9. 9-year-old boy fights narrow-mindedness and intolerance in Kansas.


10. Children in Mumbai share their umbrella with a street dog during a rain.


11. 13-year-old boy saves his coach’s life by providing instant medical assistance and calling ambulance.


12. Girls in Canada donate warm coats to the homeless by tying them to street poles.