Heartbroken Goat Refused To Eat, Then Rescue Workers Find Out About His Best Friend


This reunion is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen and it just goes to show how powerful the bonds of friendship can be. Mr. G is a goat and when he was initially rescued from the clutches of an animal hoarder, he was completely heartbroken. While one would assume that he would be happy to get away from such an environment, he was lifeless and would not move or eat.

He missed his old pal Jellybean the donkey and could not fathom a life without him. Once Jellybean and Mr. G were taken away from the hoarder, they were separated and sent to separate sanctuaries. Animal Place is the animal welfare group responsible for the rescue and they had underestimated the amount of bonding that had taken place between these two pals.

Once they came to realize why Mr. G was in such an awful funk, they decided that they would need to do what was best for the goat. He needed to see his buddy Jellybean again and they were willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen for him. Seeing an animal rescue go above and beyond like this definitely warms the heart and so does seeing two animals of different species getting along.

As soon as Mr. G and Jellybean were reunited, it was as if no time had passed at all. We can definitely relate to a story like this, since many of us have friends that we can go significant lengths of time without actually spending time and not experience any sort of hiccups at all. It is great to have friends who always remember you, no matter how much time has passed.


Once Mr. G and Jellybean got the chance to hang out with one another again, Mr. G was no longer sad. He went back to eating the food from his bowl instantly and thanks to the quick thinking of the great people at Animal Place, Mr. G was able to avoid the problems that are typically associated with a lack of nourishment or hydration.

These two buddies will never have to be separated again and they now have the rest of their lives to spend together doing whatever they please. If this story hit your feel zone as much as it did ours, then please be sure to pass it along to all of the friends in your life who you share the same sort of connection with.