He Sent His Mother To Live In A Nursing Home. When He Went To Visit Her, She Revealed A Cruel Truth


A man sent his mother to a nursing home, without regard for the sadness it caused her.


One day, he received a call from the home saying that his mother was sick and he should quickly come to see her. When he saw her lying in her bed, the woman was at death’s door. He asked her: “Mom, is there anything I can do for you?” The woman answered: “Tell them to install an air conditioner, the heat during summer is unbearable. They also need a fridge because there’s not enough space to store food.”


Surprised, the man told his dying mother: “Mom, you never told me any of that. You only decide to tell me now that you don’t have much time left. Why?” He never expected this reply:

Everything’s fine, my son. I can suffer through hunger and the heat. But I’m just worried about your well-being for when your children leave you here too.