He Found A Frog In His House And Decided To Touch It. Its Reaction Will Give You Nightmares


“Nature can be scary sometimes. Some predators could leave you unconscious with just a blow, and some snakes could make you feel unbearable pain. But sometimes the unexpected things are scarier than we could imagine.

That’s what happens with spiders, scorpions, some bugs that look like they just came out from a horror story, and sometimes with frogs. There are some frogs of vibrant colors, just touching one of those could make you delirious; but there are also others that are common pets. What is scary is not how dangerous they are, but the sounds they make.

This South American frog has a defense mechanism that paralyzes it, makes it shiver and give a sharp yell that will guarantee you won’t try to disturb it again.

It may not be dangerous, but I wouldn’t want it near me.”