Guy Fixed An Old Man’s Car And Was Late For His Job Interview. Then He Got An Unexpected Surprise


Jimmy worked as a mechanic, but he hasn’t had a lot of work for quite a while. The man had a kind heart, but he was always afraid of applying for new job. But that time he needed to find work, so he was going for an interview.

That day Jimmy was ready for the interview. The man dressed up in a white shirt and slacks and went on his way. He wanted to be there earlier, that’s why he left his home at 8.30, but his meeting was at 10.00.

When Jimmy was at the bus stop, he saw a senior man kicking the tire of his vehicle. The kind-hearted mechanic offered to help. The man managed to fix the old man’s car, but he had little time before the interview.12

The senior man was very grateful and offered to pay for the service, but Jimmy didn’t want to take money.


The man insisted on driving Jimmy to his meeting and Jimmy agreed. The old man took the mechanic to the office and drove off. When Jimmy came into the waiting room, he spotted many applicants waiting to be interviewed. He also noticed that they looked clean while he had some grease left on him after fixing the car.


The applicants were called one by one, but they all left the office very disappointed. Finally, it was Jimmy’s turn to be interviewed.

As it turned out the interviewer was that old man Jimmy had helped several hours earlier. The senior man was the general manager of the company. He said:“I’m pretty sure I have made the right decision of having you as part of our team before you even stepped into our office. I just knew you would be a reliable worker! Congratulations, you got this job!”


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