Girl With Down Syndrome Became A Two-Time Champion In Gymnastics


24-year-old Chelsea Werner became a two-time world champion in gymnastics. Let’s congratulate this brave girl on her victory!

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When the girl was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with the Down syndrome. Many children with the Down syndrome have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, Chelsea’s parents enrolled their daughter in a gymnastics class. The classes were extremely hard for the girl. She could barely walk on the balance beam one direction and back without falling.

Thanks to her dedication and diligence, the girl was able to participate in her first competitions at the age of 8.

I'm the only one in the World in Special Olympics that does this ?

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In 2006, the Special Olympics Committee of Northern California dropped its gymnastics program. So Chelsea’s family had to cover all the travel and training expenses for their daughter. The girl’s father found a way out of the situation: he founded a non-profit organization that would collect funds for Chelsea’s trainings.

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Though she worked hard, she came in last place throughout three years. However, she didn’t care and continued to improve her skills. Victory is not the main goal at the Special Olympics. The competition is aimed at helping people socialize by taking part in competitions.

Then there came a moment when she finally realized what the true goal of the Olypmics was. Of course, she got very upset when she understood what the lowest scores meant. This was when the girl decided to move to the next level of training. She started practicing 16 hours a week to improve her results.

Proud to represent USA??????????

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Chelsea’s persistence led her to real success. Chelsea won several national titles and a world title at the International Down Syndrome Foundation World Championships.

“She is a gymnast and loves her life,” Chelsea’s mother said about her daughter. “She is very happy, very sociable, very friendly.”

It’s hard to believe that the girl who once could barely stay upright on the balance has reached such a high professional level. Chelsea’s diligence and patience helped her become a two-time world champion in gymnastics! This brave girl definitely deserves respect and admiration!