Girl Took A Selfie, But Something Else Caught Everyone’s Attention…


The rule is clear: If you are going to take a selfie, pay attention to your surroundings. That’s because there may be compromising things, people doing something to ruin your photo, and so on. Although, it seems that there are some people who simply ignore this fact providing a lot of funny moments for us!

Young girl Alyssa is from New Orleans, USA, and posted a photo on her Twitter shortly before going out. Everything was great in the picture. She was beautiful, the dress was wonderful, but she forgot a huge detail: the scenery. Her room was such a mess!
And, as we all know, the internet is relentless! Check out below some of the funniest jokes about this situation:


This one commented:


While this guy managed to “fix” the girl’s post!

This user found even a mouse among all the mess


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