Girl Meets Her Newborn Baby Brother, Then Comes Another Surprise: Her Daddy Returns From Afghanistan


We all know that kids tend to express their emotions differently. Some of them keep their happiness or sorrow to themselves, while others show everything as it is. What is more, sometimes, their reaction can be even more surprising than we can expect.

Of course, kids perceive this world in a bit different way than adults do, so their reactions may vary. For example, in the situation with this little girl, everything is clear: The poor thing is bombarded with two shocking news almost simultaneously.


First, the girl comes to the hospital and sees her mom who has been pregnant and gave birth to a baby earlier than expected. The girl is shocked to see her baby brother, and tears are rolling down her face. She doesn’t know what to do and what to say.

The mom tries to talk to her and encourages to touch the soft cheeks of her new brother. But in a minute, everything gets even more intense when there’s one more new person in the hospital ward.


As it appears, the girl’s father has arrived from Afganistan. The poor thing starts weeping even more; she can’t stop crying when she sees the daddy. Immediately, she jumps into his arms and keeps hugging the father she’s been missing so much for a long time.

It must be extremely hard for a kid to have a dad that serves in the military. The long periods of separation are hard to live through, and we should respect everyone who waits for so long to see their family.

Just watch the video and see those emotions for yourself.