Giant Gorilla Is Heartbroken After The Loss Of Her Kitten Friend


When we are talking about gorillas, we usually think about their power and aggression. But, what about their feelings?

The gorilla Koko changes our view about these huge creations. Koko is one of the few animals, who knows how to take care of a pet. The researchers interacting with the gorilla said she asked for a kitten. So, they allowed her to choose the cat on her own.

It was surprising how this huge gorilla adopted a tiny helpless kitten. The cat’s name was All Ball. They developed a very special bond. Koko was a gentle and loving mother. They spent many hours playing together.

But Koko had to go through a very tough experience. One evening All Ball was tragically killed.

It’s a heartbreaking moment. Koko was very upset. She was crying!!!
This video touched me to tears. When people say that the animals haven’t emotions, just show them this video!