Gerard Butler Hears Screams And Immediately Dives Into River To Save A Drowning 14-Year-Old!


Every day we see these famous faces on the covers of magazines and can not even imagine what’s hiding behind. Heart-wrenching stories, selfless deeds, and touching reunions.

Gerard Butler has stolen lots of female hearts for sure. But only a few know this actor is as brave as his characters are!

About 20 years ago, Butler was having a picnic with his mother at Taymouth Castle, Kenmore. Then, suddenly, the Scottish actor heard someone pleading for help. It was a boy whose cousin was drowning in the River Tay.

“We were having a picnic behind the Kenmore Hotel, where Gerard stayed during filming when we heard a young boy screaming,” the actor’s mother remembered. “The next thing I knew Gerard was racing along the riverbank. He saw the boy under the water and dived in. He swam to the side and got the water out of his lungs.”

Indeed, the 26-year-old Gerard Butler rushed to the riverside and saw the young boy disappeared under the water. He didn’t think twice, he just jumped and pulled Daniel Smith, 14, out. Then, the celebrity removed water from the youngster’s lungs via CPR and stayed with him till the help arrived.

“I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I just acted instinctively. When I brought him out he was lifeless. I’m just glad he’s all right now,” the actor commented later.