Five things that dogs feel long before a person notices them


Of course, you cannot communicate with the dog in one language, but this does not mean that she does not understand you. Dogs pay more attention to verbal and physical signals than humans. They may notice certain things before. Their ability to perceive clues elusive to people is scientifically proven.


Dog can smell cancer

Many studies prove that dogs can really feel such a serious change in the human body. Their incredible flair allows you to detect the presence of certain substances in human blood.


Although one hundred percent accuracy is out of the question, in 88 percent of the cases, the dogs were able to correctly detect a woman with breast cancer, and the lung cancer rates are at all at the level of 99 percent. Doctors were also able to train dogs to detect ovarian cancer.


Dogs Know About Weather Change

Many people perceive this moment as one of the old legends, but scientists were able to prove that dogs are really incredibly sensitive to weather changes. Researchers attribute this to their ability to capture changes in barometric pressure. In addition, they pay attention to the humidity and concentration of ozone, which change before the weather.


One study showed that they are also susceptible to static electricity, which allows them to feel the approach of a thunderstorm.


Dogs feel fear

It’s hard to imagine that dogs smell your blood, but they really subtly capture your emotions. They feel fear because they are sensitive to the smell of adrenaline that appears in the blood. The favorite, most likely, will try to be nearby to make you more comfortable.


Dogs Know That Puppy Look Works

These pleading eyes. Who can resist them? Dogs are aware that you can’t do this, so they use this look for their own purposes. Scientists have discovered that when you look at a furry pet, your brain releases oxytocin, a chemical that makes you feel happy.Your dog is faced with the same reaction in the brain, which is why they love to look at their owners.


Dogs feel your enemies


When a dog starts barking at a person you don’t really like, it’s no accident. They feel the changes in your body and begin to hate in advance a person who is unpleasant to you. Is it possible to trust someone who does not like the owner?