Fans Think This Photo Proves Jill Duggar Can’t Stop Putting Baby Samuel In Danger — And Derick May Be To Blame!


A new photo that Jill Duggar shared on Instagram has fans urging her to go home and relax until her baby arrives. Read on for the full story!

Jill Duggar always seems to be on the go, and she’s starting to stress out her adoring fans with her constant love of adventure.

As we all know, Jill has never been one to sit at home and be waited on hand and foot…but isn’t it kind of time to relax?

Right now, Jill is heavily pregnant with her second child, who will be named Samuel when he arrives, but she still doesn’t seem to be ready to slow down anytime soon.

Throughout her entire pregnancy, Jill has been criticized for putting Samuel in danger, especially when she, her husband Derick Dillard, and their son Israel were in El Salvador earlier this year.

Still, the family weathered the storm together, through concerns of Zika, illness, danger—they even stuck it out for a short while after one of their good friends was brutally murdered.

“From the early stages of our lives, the Lord has put a deep love and care in both of our hearts for all peoples of the world that they would come to repentance and out their hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ,» the couple said earlier this year in defense of staying in Central America to complete their missionary work.

But, eventually, the soon-to-be family-of-four returned home to the U.S., where Jill could safely deliver their baby boy.

Unfortunately for Jill and Derick, they just can’t catch a break when it comes to their family.

Eagle-eyed Counting On fans know that Jill has been back home in Arkansas since the beginning of her third trimester, but she still hasn’t been able to sit back and relax.

In a photo that she shared on Instagram page earlier this week, Jill and her huge baby bump can be seen posing with Derick out in the wilderness.

«We had a wonderful time visiting you @justdand at Camp Orr. Brought back some great scouting memories, and Israel really loved it! #camporr #bsa #vespers #buffaloriver #nofilter,» Jill and Derick captioned the sweet photo.

Naturally, fans immediately lashed out, insinuating that Jill was once again acting selfish by putting her unborn baby in danger.

Many commenters urged Jill to go home and rest before the baby arrives, so he can be born in peace.

«Hunny you need to be resting and preparing for delivery,» wrote one fan.

«Please let Jill rest! Poor sweet lady!» commented another.

Although some commenters actually attempted to blame Derick for making sure Jill is always out and about, others made it clear that Jill prefers to keep busy.